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Managing Partner

Avi Chen

Avi has worked as an accountant since 2002. Alongside classic accounting, Avi uses the extensive experience he has accumulated to coordinate the firm’s work vis-à-vis local authorities, and also provides comprehensive accounting services to companies and corporations.
In addition, Avi specializes in representation of clients vis-à-vis the tax authorities and the banking system as well as being responsible for outsourced financial management, including financial management for a number of leading companies.
An Accounting and Economics graduate of the college of management Academic.In his spare time, Avi is a long distance runner and marathoner. He applies what he has learned on the track to the business world: “In a marathon as in business – it’s important to set goals, adhere to them, and not be deterred by difficulties along the way. I also support the businesses that come to our firm over long distances, until the goals are reached”.

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