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Managing Partner

Moshe Penn

Moshe has more than 30 years of experience as an accountant. He uses his rich experience to advise entities and companies in a range of areas, including advising companies and investors abroad in his capacity as an expert in international taxation, management of arbitrations and mediations, preparation of opinions for the courts, and the conduct of internal audits with an emphasis on cultural institutions (such as Beit Lessin Theater, the Cinematheque, and the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv).
Moshe has experience in advising NPOs and sports associations, and serves as the director of budgetary control of the Basketball Association. He is responsible for tenders and projects vis-à-vis government entities.
An Accounting and Economics graduate of Tel Aviv University, Moshe also has an LL.M. from Bar-Ilan University. He also serves as a certified arbitrator and mediator.
In his spare time, Moshe is an active squash player. In squash as in business, it’s essential to make sharp twists and turns and maintain high mental and physical aptitude. In much the same way, in the constantly changing world of accounting, high maneuverability and long-distance running capability are required.
“The world of accounting is constantly changing. Exposure to a wide spectrum of industries and sectors opens a window to endless development – both for us as a firm, and for the businesses we advise”.

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