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Managing Partner

Yaron Saporta

As an accountant, Yaron Saporta has more than 30 years of experience in advising companies and businesses. As an International Internal Auditor, certified by the Institute of Internal Auditors of North America, Yaron heads the firm’s internal audits practice. As an ‘alumnus’ of Israel’s Tax Authority, he is considered a leading expert in taxation circles.
Yaron has wide-ranging experience in advising start-ups, the liberal professions and businesses in the restaurant sector. In addition to his regular work for the firm’s clients, Yaron is also active in committees of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.
An Accounting and Economics graduate of Tel Aviv University, Yaron also has an LL.M. from Bar-Ilan University.
Yaron has an extraordinary talent for acquiring new languages and as of today speaks English, Spanish, French (and a little Hebrew)… As he says, “Accounting is a language that one needs to study, love and master in the various ‘dialects’ in order to translate a business into numerical success”.

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