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Increasing the bottom line with the assistance of a multidisciplinary team composed of dozens of experienced professionals in a variety of fields and industries.

Saporta Penn Chen was founded in 1994 following a merger of the accounting firms of Yaron Saporta and Moshe Penn. Over the years we have met with hundreds of businesses and come to understand that in order to help them improve their business performance, we should not restrict ourselves merely to classic accounting services and filing tax returns.
Drawing on this insight, we set up a multidisciplinary team composed of dozens of specialists from a variety of fields and industries, who provide a comprehensive solution for improving business performance. The firm’s team includes CPAs with decades of experience, leading tax experts (one of the firm’s partners is a veteran of Israel’s Tax Authority), internal auditors, arbitrators and legal professionals who assist in legal issues.
The business suit we have tailored means that every business, in every sector, is able to increase the bottom line through a range of solutions: from classic accounting services and through to financial management, from assistance in legal issues through to salary authentication and internal audits.
Alongside the wide range of solutions, our firm’s accountants are experienced in advising businesses in a wide array of industries and are familiar with solutions to the challenges unique to each industry. The firm’s services are provided in several languages: Hebrew, English, Russian and Spanish.

Our experts

Yaron Saporta

Managing Partner

Moshe Penn

Managing Partner

Avi Chen

Managing Partner

Eitan Ben Hurin

CPA and Mediator

Tools for improving business performance

Our firm offers a range of solutions for improving performance and preventing failures:

comprehensive accounting services, which improve the bottom line.
is turnover growing and the bank balance diminishing? Translate business growth into cash flow soundness.
guidance to prevent unnecessary fines and high payments to the tax authorities.
sail through legal proceedings with minimal disruption to business activity.
protect the company and its managers against financial damages and personal lawsuits.
correct and prevent embezzlement and flaws, which impair the functioning of the organization.
increase financial merit of investments through effective tax planning.
our expertise spans a wide range of sectors: from high-tech and the restaurant industry through to e-commerce.

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